Deep Sleep Formula™ is a doctor formulated remedy, that's designed to help optimize & balance your "sleep hormones"; resulting in a deeper & higher quality sleep.

This is especially important as...

  • we get older (due to negative changes in hormones)
  • during times of extra stress (physical and/or emotional)
  • excess light from modern devices (phone, computer, TV, lights, etc.)
  • incorrect diet and/or exercise plan

Deep Sleep Formula™ has 3 important factors:

  1. Fast-Acting: Results are felt within minutes, so you fall asleep quickly.
  2. Long-Acting: Sustained release technology (6-7 hours), so you stay asleep.
  3. Non-Habit Forming: Organic & drug-free (can be used nightly).
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HOW Does It Work?

Deep Sleep Formula™ is scientifically researched & medically validated to help support:

  • Deeper sleep quality (improved REM + NREM sleep) *
  • Sustained, restorative sleep (youthful hormone production)*
  • Relaxation of body, mind & nervous system (full-body benefits)*
  • Increased feelings of sleepiness (quickly, within 15-30 min) *
sleeping chart
Improvements in REM (Rapid Eye Movement), NREM (Non Repid Eye Moment) & Time-To-Sleep, based on dosage.24-27

What Are The BENEFITS?

Deeper sleep, dramatically improves all aspects of our health... both short and long-term. Users of Deep Sleep Formula™ often report:

  • Waking up with sustained energy & happier mood.*
  • Having much better mental focus & drive.*
  • Improved sleep patterns, regularity & consistency.*
  • Feeling less stressed, anxious or worried.*
sleep improvement chart
Six week study resulting in improvements in reduced fatigue, better sleep quality, decreased anger and waking up refreshed.31

The Science Behind The Formula

As an endocrinology "hormone" doctor, I had to formula the most effective solution that helps optimize the primary factors that cause deep, restorative, youthful, quality sleep.

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Balances Sleep Hormones

  • Increase Melatonin: Dual, fast + sustained release. Fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.32
  • Decrease Orexin: Reduces wakefulness & promotes deeper sleep.15,16
  • Decrease Cortisol: This stress hormone opposes the sleep hormone, melatonin.8

Relaxes Brain:

  • Reduces "busy-brain" beta waves, while increasing "relaxing" alpha waves.12,13
  • Targets GABA receptors, similar to how prescription sleeping drugs work (natural & non-addictive).9-11,33

Increases Deep, Quality Sleep:

  • Enhances deep sleep stages for both REM + NREM (improve brain health & muscle repair).33
  • Improves circadian rhythm (sleep/wake pattern), helping to regulate youthful sleep cycles.3,4

WHY Is It Better?

Many products claim to "improve sleep"...

Perfect Sleep Formula bottle

However, Deep Sleep Formula™ is the ONLY doctor formulated (by an endocrinology, hormone doctor) solution that has:

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